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Welcome to website of Julie Bruton-Seal

Welcome to the website of Julie Bruton-Seal.

Julie was born in Australia and grew up in Africa and other wild places, travelling with her parents, internationally renowned wildlife photographers and film-makers Jen and Des Bartlett. She was always drawing, and has been very fortunate to have lived in close proximity to animals and plants and to have visited some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Art and illustration
Julie has exhibited her wildlife and botanical paintings in Africa, the UK and USA, and is a member of The Wildlife Art Society International. Her illustration work includes the book When Elephant Was King, travel brochures, t-shirts, logos and greeting cards.

Julie's photographs have been published in books and magazines, including the National Geographic and Hedgerow Medicine. She has also worked with her parents on several films, including the National Geographic special Survivors of the Skeleton Coast, for which they won Emmy awards in 1993.

Julie is a member of The Society of Authors and co-authored Hedgerow Medicine (2008), Kitchen Medicine (2010), Make Your Own Aphrodisiacs (2012) and The Herbalist's Bible (2014) with her husband Matthew Seal, and the cookbook Vegetarian Masterpieces (1988) with Carol Tracy. 

Complementary Medicine
Julie's interest in health led her to train in herbal medicine, iridology, craniosacral therapy and energy medicine, and she runs a natural health practice in Norfolk, England. She grows and collects many of her own herbs, and makes her own essences. She also teaches workshops on herbal medicine making, and leads herb walks.

Bee Eaters

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